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Visit to CLW workshop on 20-02-2020
Publish Date: Feb. 11, 2020

1st Year class will start at 16.08.2019.
Publish Date: Aug. 29, 2019



As one of the best Polytechnic Colleges in West Bengal, Luthfaa Polytechnic Institute guarantees industry-oriented academic programmes facilitated by its carefully designed campus that aids and makes learning a pleasure providing plenty of scope for work and play.

To ease the delivery of lecture and practical training, tremendous effort has been put into the ambience ensuring smooth and uninterrupted learning. Our smart classes provide further comfort minimising any chance of tediousness. With the growing interdependency of Institute and Industry, Luthfaa provides theory as well as work based learning that churns out well equipped aspirants to meet the demands of their job.

Bengal has seen a sudden rise in Diploma Engineering colleges and the hunt for the top Polytechnic College in West Bengal is over. AICTE approved, Luthfaa offers courses to develop industry-ready professionals. We provide top notch infrastructure, faculty and placement for you to learn and excel. Our high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction and improves student outcomes. Enroll now to experience the delight of learning.