Department of Big Database & cloud computing (D.Voc)

General Information

    Cloud computing finds applications in many industries. Many companies are increasing their spending on cloud-based services rather than local or in-house resources. Here are the primary benefits of cloud computing due to which it has become necessary for modern businesses. Cloud service providers offer high-end security to their customers as they understand how critical it is for the success of their business. Moreover, the risk of physical theft (stealing hardware) or damage is minimized in this case because all the necessary files and applications remain stored digitally. The scope of cloud computing is very bright. According to a report, the cloud computing market in India is at $2 billion and is expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 30%. By 2020, the cloud computing market in India is supposed to reach $4 billion and create more than a million jobs in this country.

    Roles specific to this domain, such as Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Enterprise Architect, and Cloud Software Engineer, are in massive demand according to a report.