Chairman's Message | Luthfaa Polytechnic Institute

Dr. Bazlul Haque
B.E (Electrical,) MTech ( Computer Sc.),AMIETE

Let me welcome you to our Fold!
Welcome to Luthfaa polytechnic Institute - Setting new standards of excellence in education.

The importance of Institute in the preparation of young Technician for working in specialized fields cannot be over emphasized. The demand from Industry is more and more for young men who are able to meet their expectations. The requirement of skilled manpower has been grown in the Industries not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. The Industrial Engineer is continually being confronted by new problems and not able to solve by routine methods of solution. The young Technician can successfully cope up with such problems that have sound understanding of the fundamental principles that apply and familiar with various general methods of attack rather than proficient in the use of any one. It seems evident that Technical training in institutes must seek to build a strong foundation, to acquaint the student with as many general methods of attack as possible and to find the standardized method of solution. Such are the aims of the Institution. Choosing an educational program is one of the most crucial decisions in any student's life because this decision will have impact in his/her life thereafter. From my perspective, Luthfaa polytechnic Dear students, I invite you to take on this journey with us to become a responsible technician of the 21st century. In this span at Luthfaa polytechnic Institute will help you reach higher, study smarter and advance faster than ever. Fulfill your parents' dream, institution's goals, and more importantly your own aspirations. We are thankful to the members of WBSCTE for giving us a guideline to prepare a quality manual for the institution and hence helping us to develop skilled manpower for the development of the society and on the other hand serving the nation. We welcome to all the students for joiningus and thankful to them.