Department of Electrical Engineering

Vision & Mission

To lead the field of electrical and electronics engineering education and training by generating students who are globally competent, successful in their chosen fields of endeavour, engaged in cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship, and deeply committed to social advancement.

 i)To empower students with quality education in Electrical Engineering and develop Technocrats to serve the industry.

 ii)To inculcate the right mix of knowledge, attitudes and character in students to enable them take up positions of responsibility and make significant contributions to society, nation and the world.

 iii)To become a leading electrical engineering department supporting the modern power, electrical, and associated sectors in the area..   

 iv)Becoming a desired partner in the area of international and national organisations working together on research.

 v)To meet societal requirements through innovative thinking, cutting-edge technology, and the instillation of moral obligations.

 vi)To be a leading department offering enlightened education that is committed to excellence in the fields of electrical engineering and technology.

LPI Logo

    i) To establish quality education in electrical Engineering by imparting in depth knowledge to students with ample of hands on experience.

  ii) To train students with state of art technologies to meet the global emerging challenges by adopting outcome based education & industry institute interaction.

  iii) To create conducive academic and social environment to groom students as worthy citizens.

  iv) To cater the needs of society with recent technologies,   innovative ideas and inculcate ethical responsibilities.

   v) To develop strong collaborative links with premier industries,   institutions and the government agencies.

  vi)To promote high-quality education infused with real-world engineering knowledge.

  vii) Help prepare our students to become more competitive overall.

  viii) To inspire academic staff and students to conduct significant research on societal concerns.

   ix)To provide students with solid electrical engineering fundamentals knowledge.

  x)To provide cutting-edge materials that help achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and research and development endeavours.

 xi)To prepare students with cutting-edge technology to handle the new issues facing the world by implementing outcome-based learning and industry institute contact.


Faculty List
Electrical Engineering
Poulomi Acharya