Expert Committee | IIC

As per the discussion in the first orientation cum training session on 7th August, 2020, the NISP of IIC, Luthfaa Polytechnic Institute has constituted a committee of experts after doing a meeting with all concerned members on 17th August, 2020.

Committee of Experts

Sl No. Name of Member Designation/Profession Representation Status E-mail Id
1 Mr. Achintya Kr. Shit HOD, Electrical Dept., LPI Institute Representative [email protected]
2 Ms. Nabina Shyam Lecturer, Dept. of Civil Engg. Institute Representative [email protected]
3 Mr. Peetambar Roy Alumni,Electrical Dept. ,LPI Alumni Representative [email protected]
4 Mr. Vinay K Mishra Chief HR Manager, Ultratech Cement, Durgapur Industry Representative [email protected]
5 Dr. Sandip Kumar Lahiri Incubation Coordinator Incubation Representative [email protected]
6 Mrs. Kakali Mitra Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Representative [email protected]
7 Mr. Arnab Banerjee Innovator Innovation Representative [email protected]
8 Mr. Debabrata Khan NISP Coordinator and Convenor Institute Representative [email protected]
9 Dr. (Ms.) Nirupama Principal of DPC Law College, Durgapur For IP Support IPR Representative [email protected]
10 Mr. Nauman Arif Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Representative [email protected]