Department of Data Science (D.Voc)

General Information

The world is shaping according to the latest trends and one such trend in the modern world is Data Scientists. It is one of the most sought-after career options for today’s youth. From multinational companies to small start-ups, every organization requires a Data Scientist for proper usage of the huge amount of data it generates and stores. There is a broad scope of Data Science in the present and future scenarios. Most people are unaware of Data Science as a career option and even find it a bit mystifying. Here, one can unravel the mysteries and common questions, such as “is data science tough?” or “does Data Science have a scope?” or even “is Data Science a good career in India?”

Skills play an important role when it comes to data science. Most of the recruiters need candidates who have experience in tackling real-life problems regarding data analysis. For having a better scope of data analytics, degrees do not matter but both experience and skill matters the most.

It is not that fresher’s have a low chance of getting hired, though top multinational companies prefer recruiting applicants who are experienced and skilful at the same time. There is no ‘idiot’s handbook’ that can turn a person into a successful data scientist. Students need to devote their time and effort to get a good hold on this subject.

                  Here are five skills for a data scientist :

                               Multivariable linear algebra and calculus

                               Wrangling of data

                               Cloud computing

                               Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel


                 Future Scopes of Data Science :

The scope of Data Science is growing with every passing year. From 2008 to 2020, people across the globe have stepped on the digitalization age. The massive growth of data provides a glimpse of the future scope of Data Science in India - Health care sector, Transport Sector, E-commerce etc.