Principal's Message | Luthfaa Polytechnic Institute

Mr. Nurul Hasan
B.Tech (C.S.E), M.Tech (C.S.)
Executive (Technical)

Advances in Science and technology and Communications have brought the world closer than ever before. West Bengal is a developing state. There is high scope for development of technical education in entire state. There are a large number of industries, which require the services of qualified and trained engineers not only in West Bengal but also in and around West Bengal State. Furthermore, today is the era of globalization and boundaries/areas and location do not matter, but the quality of professionals matters. LUTHFAA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE will play a vital role in producing world class Engineers turned to the demands of fast changing world. The zeal, dedication and infinite energy of our management will inspire the students and faculty, motivating them to collective effort. Our vision is "Committed to quality Education", with the main objective of providing quality education and a long term value creation. I welcome all the aspirants to LUTHFA FOUNDATION and ensure that my faculty and management will provide you the best value based technical education in our institution.