Welder Department


A welder takes various metal components and uses intense heat to fuse them to form a final product. Welders operate and maintain the machines that fabricate and repair metal structures, equipment, and machinery. Welders are qualified for positions in a variety of fields based on their skill level and experience, including shipbuilding, automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries. Many welders complete a postsecondary training program; they may also participate in on-the-job training. Some employers prefer to hire candidates who hold voluntary professional Certified Welder or Certified Welding Fabricator credentials. We at Luthfa provide the best welding courses along with placement.


We believe in providing our students with the highest quality welding education in the industry. Our commitment to students is to customize lessons to meet their needs and incorporate them into our course curriculum. Quality and Safety at Luthfa is a very important factor and can be seen in everything we do. We believe a safe workplace provides both a more productive and conducive learning environment for trainees.


Is welding a good career? With increasing demand and solid wages, welding offers many career advantages, especially for people who like working with their hands, who are precise and mechanically inclined and who enjoy contributing their skills to the tangible creation of a building, project or structure. Luthfa provides career-based courses and jobs to its students in many welding industries. Different types of welding jobs are used during all phases of industrial operations, so the need for welders is steady across various industries. Welding career paths may include working for contracting and construction companies, building permanent and temporary infrastructures, repairing military equipment or working various pipeline jobs.

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