Electronics Mechanics Department


Electronics is a branch of physics concerned with the design of circuits and the study of electrons under a variety of conditions. Electronics also describes the field of Electrical Engineering and the design, function, and utilization of electronic devices and systems. Today, from smartphones to laptops, electronics engineering technology has come to dominate our daily lives, making electrical engineering, and electrical power engineering, which deals primarily with the transmission of electrical power, continually growing fields. We at Luthfa provides a complete course in the field of Electronics.


We believe that creativity is the key competence required to excel in our complex world where independent thinkers, product leaders, artists, designers, and innovators are the need of the hour. Our students learn creative concepts electronics. Students are evaluated on the basis of real-life skills such as teamwork, presentation, research, and initiative. Luthfa fosters creative communities where new ideas can be nurtured, new discoveries made and new creations shared.


A Graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering would be equipped with fundamentals of Electronics and communication as well as a strong mathematical aptitude. He/She would be able to solve complex challenges in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and thus would be adequately prepared for a career in research, design, manufacture, and maintenance in the fields of consumer electronics, electronic media, Bio-Medical, Automobile-control, communication, software, Computer hardware, and other electronic fields.

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